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Archived ZOOM Classes

              To watch our archived ukulele ZOOM classes ...
                                          1.    Look at the list below and find the date you want. 
                                          2.    Copy the corresponding "Passcode" that is in red.
                                          3.    Then click on the link.
                                          4.   When it prompts you for the"Passcode," paste it in.
Monday, October 5th Beginner Class:  Passcode: e8vn@1^g

Monday, October 5th Intermediate Class:  Passcode: !PN9R^E* 
Sunday, October 4th Beginner Class:  Passcode: .aL5%bh0 

Sunday, October 4th Intermediate Class:  Passcode: fNZlw!41 
Saturday, October 3rd Beginner Class:  Passcode:  .m1nR&R6 

Saturday, October 3rd Intermediate Class:  Passcode:  9Du9h.&8 

Friday, October 2nd Beginner Class:  Passcode:  1ERmy.3& 

Friday, October 2nd Intermediate Class:  Passcode:  4h0%U?#a 
Thursday, October 1st Beginner Class:   Link coming soon!  :)  

Thursday, October 1st Intermediate Class:  Link coming soon!  :)
Wednesday, September 30th Beginner Class: There was not a Beginner class
                                                                              due to power outage in Melanie's neighborhood.

Wednesday, September 30th Intermediate Class: Passcode: HrBK64?! 
    More September links coming soon!
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