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Greetings Kolo Festival Participants!

Melanie & Jamie had fun teaching ukulele classes 

on both November 27th & 28th

as part of the online "Texa-Kolo" folk dance festival.

Melanie Kareem & Jamie Papish taught: 

                     1.    Pata Pata  - Key of D

                     2.    Sto Mi e Milo - Key of C

                     3.    Feliz Navidad - Key of G

The fun doesn't have to stop just because Kolo Festival is over.

You can have a ukulele class EVERYDAY!  

Melanie offers upbeat Beginner and Intermediate ukulele ZOOM classes DAILY! We welcome you to join the fun with us! Even if you have never played before, (and maybe you don't even have a ukulele yet), we will help you along the way. Use the "Contact" button above to send us an email. Then, we will reply and explain how you can participate, as often as EVERYDAY, if you wish!  :)

Here are the PDF's we used to teach the above songs:









 A BIG "Thank You" to Bill Cope for his

hours and hours of tireless dedication,

(with the help of a team of AMAZING volunteers, of course) 

to bring into reality this historic online Kolo Festival!

No interruption in 69 years of this great festival!

Thank you Bill.

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