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April 2022 Patron Calendar

Updated: May 4, 2022

(Updated: Friday, 29th at 11:55 AM PST )

Because there wasn't a Patron Session on Monday, April 25th, instead there will be a Patron session on Friday, the 29th.

The Patron Collaboration Club normally meets at 3:30pm PST on Mondays & Wednesdays

Please feel free to get your DAILY ukulele fix by attending the

Get Started Playing Ukulele classes everyday from 2:00-3:00pm PST

Click here for access: (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, April 4th: Jolie asked about online services that allow musicians to play together in real time! Here is a link to an article reviewing the current services.

Our Theme for both March & April is:"Songs in Foreign Languages!"

Monday, April 4th- Day 698

1. We will work on "Four Strings At A Time."

2. Mark a suggestion of the song you would like to play

Tuesday, April 5th - Day 699 (Go to GSPU)

Wednesday, April 6th- Day 700!

1.Chris- "Ajde Jano" (Serbian)

Thursday, April 7th - Day 701 (Go to GSPU)

Friday April 8th - Day 702 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, April 9th - Day 703 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, April 10th- Day704 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, April 11th- Day 705

1. Colleen- Sabor a Mí (Spanish)

Colleens Favorite version

Tuesday, April 12th - Day 706 (Go to GSPU)

Wednesday, April 13th- Day 707

1.Tazzy R - "El Reloj" (Spanish)

2. Roger L - "Madek-dek Magambiri" (Indonesian)

Thursday, April 14th - Day 708 (Go to GSPU)

Friday April 15th - Day 709 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, April 16th - Melanie's Day Off

Sunday, April 17th- Day 710 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, April 18th- Day 711

1. Jolie MS "Hevenu Shalom Aleichem" (Hebrew)

2. Roger L reviews "Madek-dek Magambiri" (Indonesian)

Tuesday, April 19th - Day 712 (Go to GSPU)

Wednesday, April 20th- Day 713

1. Dean- "La Bamba" (Spanish)

2. Holly P- "Rumelaj" (Romani)

Thursday, April 21st - Day 714 (Go to GSPU)

Friday April 22nd - Day 715 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, April 23rd - Day 716 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, April 24th- Day 717 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, April 25th- Melanie's Day Off (Instead of today, meet us Friday, April 29)

Tuesday, April 26th - Melanie's Day Off

Wednesday, April 27th- Day 718

1.Kathy B.- "Erev Ba" (Hebrew)

Thursday, April 28th - Day 719 (Go to GSPU)

Friday April 29th- Day 720

1. Linda M. - "Cielito Lindo" (Spanish)

2. Babsi- "Bésame Mucho" (Spanish)

Cielito Lindo_Linda M_ 4-27-22
Download PDF • 54KB
Bésame Mucho w Spanish + Eng Babsi 4-20-22
Download PDF • 314KB

Saturday, April 30th - Day 721 (Go to GSPU)

Grand Slams Dates for our Foreign Language Songs will be

on Monday, May 2nd & Wednesday, May 4th!

Grand Slam Performer Songs Date of Performance

1. Colleen Sabor A Mí 05-02

Foreign Language Song Sheet PDF's:

Erev Ba - Kathy_5-4-22
Download PDF • 108KB

Rumelaj_Holly P_4-11-22
Download PDF • 65KB
La Bamba Dean 4-16-22
Download PDF • 593KB

Hevenu Shalom Aleichem 2022-Jolie
Download PDF • 87KB
Madekdek Ma Gambiri lyrics interpreted_Roger_4-13-22
Download PDF • 39KB
MADEKDEK MA GAMBIRI-w_ Chords_Roger_4_15_22
Download PDF • 58KB

Download PDF • 47KB

Download PDF • 76KB
Four Strings At a Time-Score
Download PDF • 30KB
Adje Jano_Strum Pattern_Chris M_4-06-22
Download PDF • 9.72MB
Adje Jano- song sheet- Chris M_4-6-22
Download PDF • 198KB
Ajde Jano_English Translation_Chris M_4-06-22
Download PDF • 41KB
Sabor a Mi_Colleen_4-11-22
Download PDF • 31.00MB
Download PDF • 131KB
Download PDF • 268KB

Dahil Sa Iyo-Alicia LF 3_20_22
Download PDF • 506KB
Dahil Sa lyo-translation-Alicia 3_20_22
Download PDF • 29KB
Makedonsko devojce-Karen
Download PDF • 579KB
Ukrainian Anthem-F_Karen_3-13-22
Download PDF • 286KB
Ukrainian Anthem-fingerstyle with words_3-8-2
Download PDF • 575KB
Ukrainian Anthem-Bb_Karen_3-13-22
Download PDF • 1.85MB


Songs Reserved for a MAY recital dates:

Performer Song Reserved Date Reserved

Julie E & Bill "Candle in the Wind" 05-09 & 05-11

"Don't Let the Sun Go Down"

"Dust in The Wind"


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