Beginners: Day 209 on Monday, October 19th!

Welcome to "Day 209" of our DAILY Ukulele Session on ZOOM!

on Monday, October 19th!

To get to the ZOOM link so you can be in the classes today ... go back to the email you received from us this morning. Find the instructions for getting into today's classes. It is very easy ... Just go back to the email and follow the instructions. :)

What we did on Sunday, October 18th...

Brand New to Ukulele? 1:55pm - 2:15pm PST:

This 30 minutes is a class for New & New'ish Students.

We did some general review.

Beginner’s Class: 2:30pm - 3:05pm PST:

We worked on the strum for "The Tide Is High".

We worked on "Teach Your Children Well."

Lesson plan for Monday, October 19th:

Brand New to Ukulele? 1:45pm - 2:15pm PST:

This 30 minutes is a class for New & New'ish Students.

Come at 1:45pm and make your special requests known!

Beginner’s Class: 2:15pm - 3:05pm PST:

Today we will continue working all of the songs below:

We can also review the "C Scale" and answer any questions about:

1. I Believe In Music

2. Teach Your Children Well

3. Hey Good Look'n

4. The Bungalow Song

5. Michael Row the Boat Ashore

6. Feliz Navidad

7. White Christmas

8. The Tide is High

Fretboard 4x's - Blank Form
Download PDF • 978KB

The Tide is High
Download PDF • 44KB
The Tide is High-Strum
Download PDF • 124KB
Feliz Navidad ...
Download PDF • 75KB
White Christmas-Color
Download PDF • 118KB
Teach Your Children-Sept 2020
Download PDF • 91KB
Teach Your Children-chrous
Download PDF • 51KB
I Believe in Music 6:16:2020
Download PDF • 416KB
Michael Row the Boat Ashore 6:16:2020
Download PD • 314KB
Hey Good Lookin' 6:16:2020
Download PDF • 604KB


Regular class notices:

Reminding everyone: Continue preparing for your solo song presentation. Thank you Linda Caine for this quote:

"Amateurs Practice Until They Get It Right; Professionals Practice Until They Can’t Get It Wrong."

You will need to have one, or possibly two, print-outs of the pdf below: "Fretboard 4x's - Blank form."

What is a chord? What is a note?

Melanie declares: The new project of each person selecting one of our current 14

songs to memorize and present to the group as a solo by Mid-December!!!

Melanie discussed the need to "practice performing" to get through all the weird things

that happen the first few times you put yourself out there to perform! :)

Melanie proposed creating a periodic "Day of Reviewing The Summer Songs"

where we would play thru these 14 songs! When should that happen?Monthly?

Melanie proposed that everyone should complete their "Your Progress Graph" and then,

everyone hold up their "Graph" to their camera and Melanie will take a screen shot of all of them!

We look forward to adding photos, video links, songs, or writings from ALL our regularly donating Patrons. Email us these items and we will post them for all to enjoy!


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