Beginners: Day 247 on Wednesday, December 2nd

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

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Help Session: 1:50pm - 2:15pm PST

This Help Session was a discussion of the notes in our own personal vocal range. We also discussed which octave on a keyboard those notes fall into. This is so we can eventually relate those notes and octaves to the notes on our ukulele fretboard. Please go to this great YouTube video by Ronja Petersen and find your vocal range. Then, use her corresponding PDF to record your vocal range:

Beginner Class: 2:15pm - 3:05pm PST:

Today was "Review Day." We reviewed songs #8 thru #12 from our "Summer Session." We ran out of time and didn't get to #13 and #14. We will do the last two songs on Thursday.. Please find below the PDF's and some corresponding YouTube videos of those songs.

We are estimating that by Saturday, Dec 5th you will be able to click here to watch the footage of our class.

King of the Road 7:12:2020
Download PDF • 227KB
Lean On Me 8-16-2020 PDF
Download PDF • 77KB
Let It Be Version 8_14_2020
Download PDF • 109KB
Over the Rainbow 8-21-2020 PDF
Download PDF • 51KB

Put a capo on your first fret if you want to play our version of "Over The Rainbow" to this YouTube of Judy Garland! She is singing in the Key of Ab (also known as G#). Our PDF is a half-step lower, in the Key of G.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Iz Style) 7_
Download • 71KB

Play along with IZ! Our PDF is in the same key as he does it! Enjoy!

Reminder: Each person who participated in the Summer Semester of 14 Songs needs to select one song and memorize it. Then, between Dec 15th and Dec 23rd perform it for the group as a solo,"Off-Book!!!

Update your "Your Progress Graph" of our current Fall Semester songs!

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