Beginners: Day 262 on Thursday, December 17th

Tomorrow, Friday, Dec 18th we begin our PERFORMANCES!!!

Beginning tomorrow, those of you who participated in the Summer Semester will play a song, or a portion of a song, without looking at the paper! Delivering the message of the song! We are all so excited to see Kathy, John & Julie, (and others?) to kick off our performances days!

Fall 2020 Student form 12:15:2020
Download PDF • 63KB

Help Session for New Players: 1:45pm - 2:15pm PST

Especially good for brand new folks, today, promptly at 1:45pm. If you need help with fitting your strap or any other questions. please come at this time. We can practice the "C Scale" to be ready for "Happy Birthday," We can also work on any request by brand new folks.

Have fun on your own with the YouTube link below to find the notes in our own personal vocal range. We'll see which octave on a keyboard those notes fall into. We will find those notes and those octaves on our ukulele fretboard. Reminder: Send us an email with your "High note and Low note" of your Vocal Range after using the YouTube video below.

Keyboard-My colorful creation
Download PDF • 227KB
Keyboard & Fretboard Octaves
Download PDF • 647KB

Please go to this great YouTube video by Ronja Petersen and find your vocal range. Then, use her corresponding PDF to record your vocal range:

Beginner Class: 2:15pm - 3:05pm PST:

Use the form above: "Fall 2020 Student Form" to keep track of where you are with knowing the 14 songs we have introduced so far this semester. Tuesday we officially introduced our final song for this semester: "Happy Birthday!" Thanks to Gene, and his mom, Martha, turning 96 last Sunday! Bless her!

Happy Birthday - plucking 12:15:2020
Download PDF • 52KB
Ocho Kandelikas-12:11:2020
Download PDF • 240KB
Count On Me (12_6_2020 Version) pdf
Download PDF • 109KB
Pata Pata - Nov 28, 2020
Download PDF • 26KB
Auld Lang Syne
Download PDF • 48KB
Bungalow Song 4:26:20 PDF
Download PDF • 43KB
Michael Row 12-5_20 (Julie E. Version)
Download P • 57KB
I Believe in Music 6:16:2020
Download PDF • 416KB
Teach Your Children-Sept 2020
Download PDF • 91KB
White Christmas_V12_15_19
Download • 118KB
The Tide is High-Strum
Download PDF • 124KB
The Tide is High
Download PDF • 44KB
Hey Good Lookin' 6:16:2020
Download PDF • 604KB
Feliz Navidad - Nov 27, 2020
Download PDF • 104KB
Sto Mi e Milo-Strum Breakdown-11:27:2020
Download • 64KB
Sto mi e milo - 11:30:2020
Download PDF • 163KB
Sto mi e milo - 11:30:2020
Download PDF • 163KB

Reminder: Each person who participated in the Summer Semester of 14 Songs needs to select one song and memorize it. Then, between Dec 15th and Dec 23rd perform it for the group as a solo,"Off-Book!!!

Update your "Your Progress Graph" of our current Fall Semester songs!

We look forward to adding photos, video links, songs, or writings from ALL our regularly donating Patrons. Email us these items and we will post them for all to enjoy!


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