Beginners: Day 319 on Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Today, Thursday, February 18th, we will continue reviewing the last seven songs from our Fall Semester collection. You can find the list of the song titles directly below on the pdf called: "Open! Titles of Today's Review Songs." Then, further below in this blog you can find the pdf of each song. Today we are only reviewing the last seven songs.

Open! Titles of Today's Review Songs
Download PDF • 387KB

Today, The Help Session for New Players will be from 1:45pm - 2:15pm PST

We will practice the "C Scale," and anything else you request!

Fretboard Blank x3 with notes
Download PDF • 573KB
Fretboard Blank x3 longer neck
Download PDF • 537KB

Beginner Class: 2:15pm - 3:05pm PST:

Below are the pdf's for all 14 of the songs we learned in the Fall Semester 2020. Some songs have two pdf's because Melanie created auxiliary "tutorial" documents to make it easier to learn specific parts of those songs. Today we will be continuing to review songs #8 -#14. That is from "The Tide Is High" through "Happy Birthday." So please scroll all the way down until you find them, starting with "The Tide Is High."

Teach Your Children-9:24:2020
Download PAGES • 797KB
Teach Your Children-chorus 9:23:2020
Download PDF • 53KB
Bungalow Song 4:26:20 PDF
Download PDF • 43KB
Michael Row 12-5_20 (Julie E. Version)
Download P • 57KB
I Believe in Music 6:16:2020
Download PDF • 416KB
Hey Good Lookin with strum-11:11:2020
Download PD • 217KB
Feliz Navidad - Nov 27, 2020
Download PDF • 104KB
White Christmas_V12_15_19
Download • 118KB

Below are songs #8 - #14 from our Fall Session that we are continuing to review today, Thursday, Feb 18th, 2021:

The Tide is High
Download PDF • 44KB
The Tide is High-Strum
Download PDF • 124KB
Count On Me (12_6_2020 Version) pdf
Download PDF • 109KB
Auld Lang Syne 12_30_20 version
Download PDF • 951KB
Pata Pata - Nov 28, 2020
Download PDF • 26KB
Sto Mi e Milo-Strum Breakdown-11:27:2020
Download • 64KB