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Intermediate: "Day 316" Monday, Feb 15, 2021

What fun we have had with our

"14 Days of Love" project ...

culminating today ... on Valentine's Day!

Yesterday (Sunday) we had wonderful presentations by, Emma S., Gene V and Lisa S. They all offers so much inspiration to the rest of us! Thank you to everyone who participated!

We look forward to catching up with the "sing-along" portion that we never got to of John Lesko & his lovely wife, Suzanne's song: "I'll String Along With You" from Friday. Melanie lost her mind and forgot to circle back to that! We will calendar this with John & Suzanne so we can complete their song project! And we look forward to hearing Julie's Love Song when the time is right!

Today is President's Day! Join us for some great songs!

To get to the ZOOM link so you can be in the classes today ... go back to the Daily Emails you received from us. You will see the ZOOM link in the email. Click on the ZOOM link in that email and join us!

Today's Schedule of Presenters

3:15 - 4:15pm Monday, February, 15th:

Melanie will pull today's patriotic songs up on the screen. Below are all the Love Songs, left over from that project.

Download PDF • 422KB

You have two options for the lay out of "Nobody Does It Better." (The song is the same.)

Nobody Does It Better-Lisa S's - pdf
Download PDF • 428KB

You may use whichever option you prefer of "Nobody Does It Better." (The song is the same.)

Nobody Does It Better - Melanie'spdf
Download PDF • 541KB
Can't Help Falling in Love (C)-Dad's 6-1
Download • 253KB
I'm A Believer-Julie's 2-11-21
Download PDF • 131KB
Blue Skies - Robert's
Download PDF • 36KB
I'll String Along With You - John's
Download PDF • 799KB
I'll String Along - Original Score
Download PDF • 1.56MB
Time In A Bottle - Kathy B
Download PDF • 275KB
The Book of Love- Chris M
Download PDF • 56KB
Perhaps Love - Babsi's
Download PDF • 2.34MB
Love Has No Pride - Newie's
Download PDF • 80KB
some enchanted evening - Eve
Download PDF • 156KB
Darlin' Companion (C) - Pam V's
Download PDF • 529KB
Unchained Melody CMajor-V2-Jolie2
Download PDF • 104KB
I Will - Robert R's
Download PDF • 1.41MB
Annie's Song - Dean A's
Download PDF • 46KB
Just One Look - Colleen's
Download PDF • 64KB
Baby Love - Mel's
Download PDF • 197KB
I don't need no City Life-Jane S's
Download PDF • 300KB
In My Life - Forrest's
Download PDF • 58KB
Could I have this dance-Alicia's
Download PDF • 321KB
A Bushel and a Peck-Chris M
Download PDF • 492KB
Goodnight My Someone - Melanie's
Download PDF • 1.61MB
76 Trombones & Goodnight-short
Download PDF • 224KB
Sunny - Lynn S
Download PDF • 298KB
L.O.V.E. - Forrest's
Download PDF • 66KB
Harvest moon PDF Glenn-4:16:20
Download PDF • 108KB
For Baby (For Bobbie) Patty's
Download PDF • 677KB
Here You Come Again - Colleen's
Download PDF • 94KB
HOW SWEET IT IS - in G-Pam V's
Download PDF • 487KB
It Had to Be You, 1924, Alan F's
Download PDF • 29KB
Everyday-Buddy Holly-Jane S
Download PDF • 364KB
When you & I were young, Maggie-Jolie's
Download • 116KB
Let It Be Me - in F- Karen's song
Download PDF • 30KB
The Glory of Love 7:6:2020, Barbara B's
Download • 715KB
Turn Around - Dean A's
Download PDF • 24KB

Leaving On A Jet Plane-Julie E
Download PDF • 256KB
I don't need no City Life-Jane S's
Download PDF • 300KB

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