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Tips & Tools

Use this handy chart to transpose any song into a new key!

Paint this on your fingers for extra protection from strumming. Wait for it to dry completely before playing.

This document contains nearly 80 common chords for standard soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles

Question: Who is “CLL” ? 

Answer: “CLL” is Charles Lawrence Lawson  1931-2015

Melanie’s beloved dad. The “Johnny Appleseed” of Ukulele Mirth! Melanie’s dad spread ukulele joy to so many and Melanie is carrying on this joyful project to continue his legacy! 

Thank you for being a part of it! 

If you're having pain in your hands, wrists, and fingers from ukulele, I recommend applying these topically 30 minutes before playing (so that it has time to sink in).

We have heard that this is also good for muscular aches & pains. All natural.
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