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Ukulele ZOOM Patrons

Get to know our wonderful Patrons,

their families, their interests and accomplishments​

through our constantly growing "Patron Scrapbook."


We are tremendously grateful to these patrons for making regular donations so these daily ZOOM sessions can continue,

and for bringing the best of themselves each time. 


Beginning March 16, 2020 we have been ZOOMING together to

inspire ourselves musically and to enjoy our growing friendships  

during these unprecedented and challenging times. 

From Barbara B.

Barbara Bowersock & Mimi Class.jpeg

From Patty

Patty Belly Dance pic.JPG

From Pam

I always like to have a chance to brag on my baby brother -  here's a sample of him, recorded in the 70s.  

From Piers

00:00 / 01:36

A tribute to Babsi and Oscar.

From Kathy

I am dancing with Roger Mowery (whom I married in 1999). We the couple that is in the center of the line-up to begin with, in green and cream:

I have a cousin who is a church organist … and in his spare time, he likes to write and record parodies! This is probably the least political of the parodies he has recorded in the past year!

From Linda C.

From Chris (Christine)

Father's Love Begooten and Cranem.Chris
00:00 / 05:41

This is a Christmas hymn  that I   preformed with  my handbell   choir in 2015. 

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