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New rates as of October 12, 2023
 Patron Collaboration Club...

If you are on the "Unlimited Plan" at GetStartedPlayingUkulele, then you are covered!: Feel free to attend the Patron Collaboration Club as often as you like. No additional donation is expected. Thank you for being on the "Unlimited Plan" through "G.S.P.U."


Are you on the "Attendee Plan" at G.S.P.U. and you purchased the extra package of ten "Video Days" ($15 each)?  You can use a "Video Day" for your attendance for each session of PCC you attend. (We will deduct it for you.) Thank you.  

Not on the "Unlimited Plan" and don't have a "Video Days" package at G.S.P.U.? Then, please contribute $15 for each PCC session you attend. You can make payment in whatever increment works for you. Thank you. 

Suggested donation:

 Single Class:   $15

Donate Electronically!


  • Venmo is an app that allows you to pay people with your smart phone

  • donate to Melanie: ​



  • PayPal works online and on your phone

  • donate to Melanie:


  • Zelle allows you to pay directly from your bank account through an app or through your own mobile or online banking account

  • donate to Melanie​:


Other Options!


  • Make it out to: 

"Melanie Lawson Papish"

  • Mail to:

Melanie Lawson Papish

P.O. Box 268

Topanga, CA 90290​


  • If you live in, or near, Topanga, you can deliver cash to Melanie & leave it under the door mat


  • Contact Melanie for trade opportunities or other accommodations

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