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April & May & June 2023 Archived Recordings

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Look below for all the unlisted YouTube links of our (private) Patron Collaboration Club Sessions.....

Grand Slam of March Songs:

Julie & Bill: "Hotel California", "At Seventeen", "The Time of My Life"

Chris: "Eight Days A Week"

Alicia: "Only Time"

Gazi: "My Grandfather's Clock"

Roger L - "The Planner" Original parody lyrics by Roger L to the tune of "The Gambler."

Bill and Julie E - "Music Of The Night"

Alicia LF - "Don't Laugh At Me"

We enjoyed a wonderful session with Special Guest: Susan Nicholls, the parody writer of: "BLAME IT ON THE UKULELE." We played it for her and then we played Sally's inspired parody: "Our Zoom Uke Family". There were many heartfelt moments. Right now this footage is posted on YouTube as "unlisted" meaning: you can only share it with others if you send them the link. Could we make it public? If you object, please let us know and we will maintain it as "unlisted." Thank you

One of the most famous protest songs of all time:


2.) Group Sing-Along of "The Wreck Of The Edmond Fitzgerald."

Melanie-"I Can See Clearly Now"

Melanie-"Octopuses Garden"

Chris M - "Lady Of The Harbor"

Chris- "Lady of the Harbor"

Chris- "Lady of the Harbor"

Chris- "Lady of the Harbor"

"Proud Mary" by Tina Turner- Melanie

Review of intro riff for "Lady of the Harbor"

Here is the link to the recording of Jamie playing and explaining the intro riff:

Melanie K - "If I Had A Hammer"

The link will take you to GSPU website

Today we will go though the process together of figuring out how to listen to a riff, identify the notes and then write down the notes and put it on a tablature form. We will extract the ending riff of "LET IT BE"

Intro strum “Bye Bye Love”

Roger- " Summertime Blues"

Jolie & Roy MS "Dublin In The Rare Ould Times"

Thursday, June 29th-Day 1097

Under special circumstances this session was not recorded, we will have a date when we will review it.


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