Beginners: Day 286 on Thursday, January 14th, 2021!

Yesterday we began the "Fan-Island Strum" for "Dream Lover." There is not a document for that strum, however the pdf for the song is below. Also, please print out Monday's pdf of the "Strum Drill" for "Higher & Higher," see below. That strum is the regular "Island Strum." We are looking forward to playing our SIX "New" Winter Semester Songs with you today! See PDF's below.

If you have been participating since the beginning of the Fall Semester, please take the time now to asses where you are at with the 14 Fall Songs, see form below, because we have moved on to SIX new Winter Semester Songs. Yipee!

Fall 2020 Student form 12:15:2020
Download PDF • 63KB
Winter 2020 Student form
Download PDF • 84KB

Help Session for New Players today: 1:45 - 2:15pm PST

Join us for the "Help Session." Get help with what is tricky for you. Let's review/practice the "C scale" a bit!

Also, everyone, please print out for yourself the two PDF's below: "Keyboard-My colorful creation" and "Keyboard & Fretboard Octaves." These two documents will help you begin to understand how our ukulele playing fits in to many other musical terms you have heard, and will hear.

Keyboard-My colorful creation
Download PDF • 227KB
Keyboard & Fretboard Octaves
Download PDF • 647KB

Beginner Class: 2:15pm - 3:05pm PST:

Please print out Monday's new pdf "Strum Drill" for "Higher & Higher:" Also, you can check out "Dream Lover," but we anticipate making a few changes to it in the next few days. We will work on the "Fan Island Strum!"

Dream Lover (working) 6-25-2020
Download PDF • 65KB
Higher & Higher - strum drill
Download PDF • 478KB
Your Mama Don't Dance 1-4-2021
Download PDF • 211KB
Your Mama Don't Dance- Day 1
Download PDF • 61KB
Take Me Home, Country Roads in G 1-3-21
Download • 431KB
Higher and Higher 12_30_2020
Download PDF • 286KB
Edelweiss 12_27_20 Version
Download PDF • 84KB
Wagon Wheel 12-29-2020
Download PDF • 299KB

Happy Birthday is left over from our Fall Session:

Happy Birthday - plucking 12:15:2020
Download PDF • 52KB

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