Beginners: Day 313 on Friday, February 12th, 2021

Let's start the second verse of "I'm Yours." Look below for the rest of today's lesson plan.

2:10pm - 2:15pm - Help Session today.

We can practice the "C Scale." We can also review Tuesday's lesson that was: Finding the notes in a chord ... then finding a cluster of those notes again further up the fretboard. Download download the pdf below that is like your ukulele and get ready to "color in" chords:

1. The pdf for a ukulele that has only 12 frets:

Fretboard Blank x3 with notes
Download PDF • 573KB

2. The pdf for a ukulele that has 17 frets: "Longer neck:”

Fretboard Blank x3 longer neck
Download PDF • 537KB

Beginner Class: 2:15pm - 3:05pm PST:

Lesson Plan for today, Friday, February 12th: Please find below all eight of the songs we are learning in for the Beginner's Winter Semester. Go to the very bottom to find "I'm Yours." We will be working the second verse!

Winter 2020 Student form
Download PDF • 86KB
Wagon Wheel
Download PDF • 2.50MB
Edelweiss 12_27_20 Version
Download PDF • 84KB
Higher and Higher 12_30_2020
Download PDF • 286KB
Higher & Higher - strum drill
Download PDF • 478KB
Take Me Home Country Roads in G 1-3-21
Download • 475KB
Your Mama Don't Dance 1-4-2021
Download PDF • 211KB
Your Mama Don't Dance-strum
Download PDF • 52KB
Dream Lover (working) 6-25-2020
Download PDF • 65KB
The Lion Sleeps Tonight 1_24_2021
Download PDF • 205KB
I'm Yours - Feb 12, 2021
Download PDF • 87KB