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January & February 2024 Patron Collaboration Club Calendar

Updated: 5 days ago

Updated: Thursday, May 23rd 2024 2:24 pm PT

The Patron Collaboration Club usually meets at 3:30pm PT on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Please feel free to get your DAILY ukulele fix by attending the Get Started Playing Ukulele classes everyday from 2:00-3:00pm PT. Click here for access: (Go to GSPU)

Our Theme for January & February

"Songs You Love"

Tuesday, January 2nd - Day 1261

Let’s work together to combine the Parody Lyrics that Judy and Sally came up with for “HAPPY TOGETHER”

Wednesday, January 3rd Day 1262 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, January 4th- Day 1263

We will be playing through three new Parodies!

“Happy Together” Parody by Judy and Sally

"Rainbow Connection" Parody by Gazi

"Dad's 97th Year" Parody by Jamie P.

Friday, January 5th- Day 1264 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, January 6th - No Class

Sunday, January 7th - Day 1265 (Go to GSPU)

 Monday, January 8th- Day 1266 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, January 9th - Day 1267

Bill & Julie E.- “IN MY LIFE” by the Beatles.

Please listen to this song a lot before then by clicking on theseYouTube links:

 Wednesday, January 10th Day 1268 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, January 11th- Day 1269

        Join us for the LIVE Lawson Family Sing & Play Along. 10 songs that you know and love!

The 10 songs to be announced on Wednesday the 10th! 

Friday, January 12th- Day 1270 (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, January 13th - No Class

Sunday, January 14th - Day 1271 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, January 15th - Day 1272 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, January 16th - Day 1273

Bill & Julie E.- “It's A Long and Winding Road” by The Beatles.

 Wednesday, January 17th Day 1274(Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, January 18th- Day 1275

        Review of "In My Life"

Friday, January 19th- No class

Saturday, January 20th - Day 1276 (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, January 21st - Day 1277 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, January 22nd - Day 1278 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, January 23rd - Day 1289

We will be creating a song document for our two new student parody songs and working on the process of how to create a song sheet.

"Ukulele Connection" A Parody of " Rainbow Connection" by Gazi (with document help from Chris)

Sally’s song pick “Accentuate the Positive”.

 Wednesday, January 24th Day 1280 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, January 25th- Day 1281

        We will be working on how to make a song document from “scratch” with

"Learning Together" A Parody of "Happy Together" by Judy and Sally ( with document help from Chris)

 Friday, January 26th- No class

Saturday, January 27th - Day 1282 (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, January 28th - Day 1283 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, January 29th - Day 1284 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, January 30th - Day 1285

Julie and Bill-"Dust In The Wind" & "Time of My Life"

 Wednesday, January 31st Day 1286 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, February 1st- Day 1287

        Gazi and Chris- Review of "Ukulele Connection"

Friday, February 2nd- Day 1288 (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, February 3rd - Day 1289 (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, February 4th - Day 1290 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, February 5th - Day 1291 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, February 6th - Day 1292

       Julie and Bill E.- "Ob-la-di,Ob-la-da" 

 Wednesday, February 7th Day 1293 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, February 8th- Day 1294

            Julie and Bill E.- Review of "Ob-la-di,Ob-la-da" 

Ob-la-di Ob-la-da CHORUS STRUM_2-5-24
Download PDF • 82KB
Download PDF • 153KB

 Friday, February 9th- Day 1295 (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, February 10th - Day 1296  (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, February 11th - Day 1297 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, February 12th - Day 1298 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, February 13th - Day 1299

Mardi Gras Sing-Along:

"When The Saints Go Marching In"

"Iko Iko"

"Mardi Gras Mambo"


Download PDF • 76KB

When The Saints Go Marching In 6-16-2020
Download PDF • 68KB

Mardi Gras Mambo 2
Download PDF • 90KB

 Wednesday, February 14th Day 1300 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, February 15th- Day 1301

      For a be-lated Valentines day themed presentation Chris M. will be presenting “Through The Years” a beautiful love song by Kenny Rogers.

Download PDF • 107KB

 Friday, February 16th- Day 1302 (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, February 17th - Day 1303  (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, February 18th - Day 1304 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, February 19th - Day 1305 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, February 20th - Day 1306

Julie & Bill- "California Dreaming"

Download PDF • 220KB

Download PDF • 113KB

Wednesday, February 21st- Day 1307

        Julie & Bill- "California Dreaming"

Thursday, February 22nd Day 1308  (Go to GSPU) 

 Friday, February 23rd-No Class

Saturday, February 24th - Day 1309  (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, February 25th - Day 1310 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, February 26th - Day 1311(Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, February 27th - Day 1312

"Ode To Joy" in Key of D- Chords and Tablature

 Wednesday, February 28th Day 1313 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, February 29th- Day 1314

Rehearsal of " G.S.P.U. 2024 Performance Repertoire"

 Friday, March 1st-Day 1315  (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, March 2nd - No Class

Sunday, March 3rd - Day 1316 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, March 4th - Day 1317 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, March 5th - Day 1318

Gazi and Chris- "Ukulele Connection"

 Wednesday, March 6th Day 1319 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, March 7th- Day 1320

Gazi and Chris- "Ukulele Connection"

 Friday, March 8th-Day 1321  (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, March 9th-Day 1322 (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, March 10 - Day 1323 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, March 11th - Day 1324 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, March 12th - Day 1325

"Ode to Joy" Happy Birthday parody lyrics by Laura

 Wednesday, March 13th Day 1326 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, March 14th- Day 1327

Irish songs Sing-and-Play Along

 Friday, March 15th-No Class

Saturday, March 16th -Day 1328 (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, March 17th - Day 1329 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, March 18th - Day 1330(Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, March 19th - Day 1331

Irish songs Sing-and-Play Along

 Wednesday, March 20th Day 1332 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, March 21st- Day 1333

Julie and Bill- "Society's Child"

     Friday, March 22nd-Day 1334 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, March 23rd- Day 1335 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, March 24th - Day 1336 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, March 25th - Day 1337 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, March 26th - Day 1338

Laura D. Her Happy Birthday lyrics for  “Ode To Joy”

 Wednesday, March 27th Day 1339 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, March 28th- Day 1340

"workshop" of this YouTube video. It is a ukulele player showing his idea of a more complex strum to replicate the strum that IZ is doing in his famous recording of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

  Friday, March 29th-Day 1341 (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, March 30th- Day 1342  (Go to GSPU)

 Sunday, March 31st -No Class

 Monday, April 1st- Day 1343 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, April 2nd - Day 1344

Advanced strumming for " Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

 Wednesday, April 3rd Day 1345 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, April 4th- Day 1346

        Advanced techniques for Gazi's "Ukulele Connection"

 Friday, April 5th- Day 1347 (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, April 6th - Day 1348 (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, April 7th - Day 1349 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, April 8th - Day 1350 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, April 9th - Day 1351

 Advanced techniques for Gazi's "Ukulele Connection"

 Wednesday, April 10th Day 1352(Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, April 11th- Day 1353

Julie and Bill- " Santa Catalina" AKA "26 Miles"

 Friday, April 12th- No class

Saturday, April 13th - Day 1354(Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, April 14th - Day 1355 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, April 15th - Day 1356(Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, April 16th -No Patron Club-Day 1357 (Go to GSPU) 

 Wednesday, April 17th Day 1358 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, April 18th- No Patron Club-Day 1359 (Go to GSPU) 


 Friday, April 19th- Day 1360 (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, April 20th - Day 1361 (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, April 21st - Day 1362 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, April 22nd - No Class

Tuesday, April 23rd -No Patron Club-Day 1363 (Go to GSPU) 

 Wednesday, April 24th Day 1364(Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, April 25th- Day 1365

  Advanced techniques for Gazi's "Ukulele Connection"

 Friday, April 26th- Day 1366 (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, April 27th - No Class

Sunday, April 28th - Day 1367 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, April 29th - Day 1368 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, April 30th - Day 1369

Alicia- Tips and Tricks from Craig and Sarah Hawaii Retreat

 Wednesday, May 1st Day 1370 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, May 2nd- Day 1371

       We will be reviewing and delving deeper into the material that Alicia presented to us in her workshop on Tuesday. Alicia showed us how very valuable Musicca’s Chord Player device is for developing your pa'ani skills, so we will be using this during our session to more experimenting.

 Friday, May 3rd- Day 1372 (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, May 4th - Day 1373 (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, May 5th - Day 1374 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, May 6th - Day1375(Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, May 7th -Day 1376

 We will be reviewing and delving deeper into the material that Alicia presented to us in her workshop on Tuesday. Alicia showed us how very valuable Musicca’s Chord Player device is for developing your pa'ani skills, so we will be using this during our session to more experimenting.

 Wednesday, May 8th Day 1377(Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, May 9th- Day 1378

Chris M.-Part 1 of " Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

 Friday, May 10th- Day 1379(Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, May 11th -Day 1380(Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, May 12th - No Class

 Monday, May 13th - Day 1381 (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, May 14th - Day 1382

Chris M.- Part 2 of " Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

 Wednesday, May 15th Day 1383 (Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, May 16th- Day 1384

        Chris M.- Part 3 of " Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

 Friday, May 17th- Day 1385 (Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, May 18th - Day 1386 (Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, May 19th - Day 1387 (Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, May 20th - Day1388(Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, May 21st -Day 1389

   Chris M.- Part 4 of " Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

 Wednesday, May 22nd Day 1390(Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, May 23rd- Day 1391

Julie E.- "Lemon Tree"

 Friday, May 24th- Day ????(Go to GSPU) 

Saturday, May 25th -Day ????(Go to GSPU) 

Sunday, May 26th - Day ????(Go to GSPU) 

 Monday, May 27th - Day ???? (Go to GSPU) 

Tuesday, May 28th - Day ????

 Wednesday, May 28th Day ???(Go to GSPU) 

Thursday, May 30th- Day ????

 Friday, May 31st- Day ????(Go to GSPU) 

Winter/ Spring 2024 Song Sheet PDF's:

Learning Together Parody- Judy & Sally- 1-22-24
Download PDF • 104KB
Ukulele Connection- Parody - Gazi 1-20-24
Download PDF • 77KB

Download PDF • 107KB

IN MY LIFE PDF - Beatles Bill 12-8-24
Download PDF • 135KB

Happy Together-ParodybyJudyG_1-02-24
Download PDF • 117KB

HappyTogether-Parody by Sally_1-02-24
Download PDF • 665KB

Download PDF • 126KB

Download PDF • 100KB

IN MY LIFE PDF - Beatles Bill 12-8-24
Download PDF • 135KB


Songs Reserved and not yet booked for a presentation date:

Performer Song Reserved/requested Date Music Received

Gazi G - “Grand Father’s Clock”

Chris M- "Lady Of The Harbor”


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