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September, October, November & December 2023 Patron Collaboration Club Calendar

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Updated: Thursday, December 28, 2023 2:26 pm PT

The Patron Collaboration Club usually meets at 3:30pm PT on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Please feel free to get your DAILY ukulele fix by attending the Get Started Playing Ukulele classes everyday from 2:00-3:00pm PT. Click here for access: (Go to GSPU)

Our Theme for September, October, November & December:

"Your Favorite Patron Collaboration Club Songs From The Last Three Years!"

Here is the PDF document of past PCC songs and who presented them:

PCC_Songs by Presenter name_11-01-23
Download PDF • 221KB

Tuesday, September 5th - Day 1,556

Holly P.- "Rumelaj"

Chris M.- "Margaritaville"

Wednesday, September 6th - Day 1157 (Go to GSPU)

Thursday, September 7th - Day 1158

Chris M.- Part 2 of Margaritaville (transpose riff)

Roger L.-"Madek-Dek Magambiri"

Friday, September 8th- Day 1159 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, September 9th- No Class

Sunday, September 10th - Day 1160 (Go to GSPU

Monday, September 11th- Day1161 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, September 12th - Day 1162

Gene V.-"Friends With Tractors"

Alicia LF.-"Sunrise, Sunset"

Wednesday, September 13th - Day 1163Go to GSPU)

Thursday, September 14th - Day 1164


Alicia LF.-"Sunrise, Sunset" (continued)

Friday, September 15th- Day 1165 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, September 16th- Day 1166 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, September 17th - Day 1167 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, September 18th- Day 1168 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, September 19th - Day 1169(Go to GSPU)

No Patron Club today

Wednesday, September 20th - Day 1170(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, September 21st - Day 1171 (Go to GSPU)

No Patron Club today

Friday, September 22nd- No class

Saturday, September 23rd- Day 1172 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, September 24th - Day 1173 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, September 25th- Day 1174 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, September 26th - Day 1175

Collaborative Festival Review and “Debriefing” Session.

Wednesday, September 27th - Day 1176(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, September 28th - Day 1177

Collaborative Festival Review and “Debriefing” Session.

We will continue breaking down the “Peter Luongo” technique for how to not use music sheets for ensemble playing.

Friday, September 29th- Day 1177 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, September 30th- Day 1178 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, October 1st - Day 1179 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, October 2nd- Day 1180 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, October 3rd- Day 1181

Collaborative Festival Review and “Debriefing” Session.

We will continue breaking down the “Peter Luongo” technique for how to not use music sheets for ensemble playing.

Wednesday, October 4th - Day 1182(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, October 5th - Day 1183

We will be working on tablatures created by Gazi and Andrew for "Ocho Kandelikas"

We will also continue breaking down "In The Mood".

Friday, October 6th-Day 1184 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, October 7th- No Class

Sunday, October 8th - Day 1185 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, October 9th- Day 1186 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, October 10th - Day 1187

We will be working on tablatures created by Gazi and Andrew for "Ocho Kandelikas"

Memorization for "King Of The Road"

Wednesday, October 11th - Day 1188(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, October 12th - Day 1189

Kathy B. will be reviewing "Erev Ba"

Friday, October 13th- Day 1190 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, October 14th- No Class

Sunday, October 15th - Day 1191 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, October 16th- Day 1192 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, October 17th - Day 1193

Bill and Julie- "Piano Man"

Wednesday, October 18th - Day 1994(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, October 19th - Day 1195

Julie- "The Boxer"

Friday, October 20th-Day 1196 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, October 21st- Day No class

Sunday, October 22nd - Day 1197 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, October 23rd- Day 1198 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, October 24th - Day 1199

Julie- Review of "The Boxer"

Gene- "Old Dogs, Children & Watermelon Wine”

Train to perform “Off-Book”: King of the Road & Jamaica Farewell!

Wednesday, October 25th - Day 1200(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, October 26th - Day 1201

Julie- Review of "The Boxer"- everyone will pick a part to play

Chris- "Eight Days A Week"

Train to perform “Off-Book”: King of the Road & Jamaica Farewell!

Friday, October 27th- Day 1202 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, October 28th- Day 1203 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, October 29th - No Class

Monday, October 30th- Day 1204 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, October 31st - Day 1205

Spooktacular Halloween Play-along!

Our line up so far:

Chris- "Monster Mash"

"The Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Gene- "Love Potion No. 9"

Kathy- "Senor Gato"

Bill - "Little Ride Hood"

For the rest of the song PDFs and other options, click this link for the Halloween/Dia Del Los Muertos blog:

Wednesday, November 1st - Day 1206(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, November 2nd- Day 1207

Dia Del Los Muertos-Day of Rememberance

We invite you to bring a photo of a loved one you want to remember.

Alicia LF- "I'll Be Seeing You"

Chris M-"Remember Me"

Friday, November 3rd- Day 1208 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, November 4th- Day 1209 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, November 5th - Day 1210 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, November 6th- Day 1211 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, November 7th - Day 1212

Julie E.- "The Star of County Down"

Wednesday, November 8th - Day 1213(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, November 9th- Day 1214

Alicia LF- Review of "I'll Be Seeing You"

Friday, November 10th- Day 1215 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, November 11th- Day No class

Sunday, November 12th - Day 1216 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, November 13th- Day 1217 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, November 14th - Day 1218

Julie E.- We'll each pick a part to play of "The Star of County Down".

Wednesday, November 15th - Day 1219(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, November 16th- Day 1220

Melanie- "The Rainbow Connection" in Key of C

Friday, November 17th- Day 1221 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, November 18th- Day 1222 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, November 19th - Day No class

Monday, November 20th- Day 1223 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, November 21st - Day 1224

Chris & Gazi's special Hanukkah song

"Light One Candle"

Wednesday, November 22nd - Day 1225(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, November 23rd- No Class- Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 24th- Day 1226 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, November 25th- Day 1227 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, November 26th - Day 1227 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, November 27th- Day 1229 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, November 28th - Day 1230

Holiday Songs Practice!

Wednesday, November 29th - Day 1231(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, November 30th- Day 1232

Holiday Songs Practice!

Friday, December 1st- Day 1233 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, December 2nd- Day 1234 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, December 3rd - Day 1235(Go to GSPU)

Monday, December 4th- Day 1236(Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, December 5th - Day 1237

Alicia LF-"Only Time"

Wednesday, December 6th - Day 1238(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, December 7th- Day 1239

Holiday Song Practice for Atria Senior Living on Mon, Dec 11th in Tarzana!

Friday, December 8th- No Class

Saturday, December 9th- Day 1240 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, December 10th - Day 1241 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, December 11th- Day 1242 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, December 12th - Day 1243

Chris & Gazi's special Hanukkah song:

"Light One Candle"

Wednesday, December 13th - Day 1244(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, December 14th- Day 1245

Holiday Song Practice

Friday, December 15th- Day 1246 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, December 16th- Day 1247(Go to GSPU)

Sunday, December 17th - Day 1248 (Go to GSPU)

Monday, December 18th- Day 1249 (Go to GSPU)

Tuesday, December 19th - Day 1250

Julie E.-"I'm A Believer"

I'm a Believer w-tabs PDF 11-11-23
Download PDF • 207KB

Wednesday, December 20th - Day 1251(Go to GSPU)

Thursday, December 21st- Day 1252

We will drill the riff of "I'm A Believer" with Julie

Updated version as of 12-19-23

I'm a Believer w-tabs PDF 12-19-23
Download PDF • 218KB


Have a Holiday Song Practice with our curated 2023 Holiday Set list !

Download PDF • 183KB

Feliz Navidad_S.S._12-13-22
Download PDF • 779KB
White Christmas_S.S._11-01-23
Download PDF • 336KB

Hanukkah O Hanukkah_12-9-23
Download PDF • 1.72MB
Download PDF • 530KB
Download PDF • 211KB
Download PDF • 2.80MB
Download PDF • 600KB

Download PDF • 1.46MB

Friday, December 22nd- Day 1253 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, December 23rd- Day 1254 (Go to GSPU)

Sunday, December 24th - Day 1255(Go to GSPU)

Monday, December 25th- No Class Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 26th - Day 1256

Chris M.- "Lady Of the Harbor"

YouTube Link of Jamie's Intro Riff:

Download PDF • 175KB

Download PDF • 471KB

Download PDF • 147KB

Wednesday, December 29th- No Class

Thursday, December 28th- Day 1257

A Special New Years Presentation:

Chris M. -

“I’m Glad We Had This Time Together”

"Give Light"

and we will all pick a part to play of "Auld Lang Syne"

At The End Of Another Year Chris annotated
Download PDF • 451KB

I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together- Chris 12-27-23
Download PDF • 52KB

Auld Lang Syne_S.S._In C_ 12-1-22
Download PDF • 961KB

Give Light- Chris 12-27-23
Download PDF • 32KB

Friday, December 29th- Day 1258 (Go to GSPU)

Saturday, December 30th- Day Off

Sunday, December 31st - Day 1259 (Go to GSPU)

September, October, November & December Song Sheet PDF's:

Only Time_AliciaLF_12-01-23
Download PDF • 101KB

Download PDF • 406KB

Star of County Down PDF 11-6-23 final
Download PDF • 159KB

Download PDF • 112KB

Download PDF • 967KB

Chris M-Eight Days A Week_3-8-23
Download PDF • 429KB

Boxer, teach sheet 10-20-23 PDF
Download PDF • 82KB

Boxer, The PDF 10-19-203
Download PDF • 116KB

Piano Man-Julie & Bill-11-5-21
Download PDF • 150KB

Erev Ba _Kathy B._09-29-23
Download PDF • 126KB

Ocho Kandelikas Intro-_Andrew_10-04-23
Download PDF • 500KB

Ocho Kandelikas Tablature_Gazi_10-03-23
Download PDF • 8.00MB

King Of The Road-Key change_S.S._8-7-23
Download PDF • 444KB

InTheMood_Key F_9-27-23
Download PDF • 73KB

Download PDF • 1.91MB

Download PDF • 711KB

Rumelaj_Holly P_4-11-22
Download PDF • 65KB
Download PDF • 46KB

Margaritaville Key of G
Download PDF • 711KB

MADEKDEK MA GAMBIRI-withChords_Roger_4_15_22
Download PDF • 58KB
Madek-Dek Magambiri_Roger L_04-11-22
Download PDF • 1.23MB
Madekdek Ma Gambiri lyrics interpreted_Roger_4-13-22
Download PDF • 39KB
Madedek Magambiri with melody pluck
Download PDF • 65KB

Download PDF • 33KB

Sunrise, Sunset_Alicia_9-07-23
Download PDF • 345KB

Download PDF • 297KB

Download PDF • 44KB

Wednesday, September 6th - Day 1157 (Go to GSPU)


Songs Reserved and not yet booked for a presentation date:

Performer Song Reserved/requested Date Music Received

Gazi G - “Grand Father’s Clock”

Chris M- "Lady Of The Harbor”



"Sabrali sa se,Sabrali"

Holly P- “Rumelaj”

Alicia LF- "Only Time"

"Sunrise, Sunset"

'White Sandy Beach"

Julie E offers to “re-present":

At Seventeen Cat's in the Cradle Dust in the Wind Edmund Fitzgerald 4/4 time I'm a Believer Nights in White Satin Rock Around the Clock Rocky Mountain High The Rose Sound of Silence Star of County Down Bill E offers to “re-present":

Candle in the Wind Don't Let the Sun Go Down Hushaby Mountain Lady in Red Music of the Night Shallow Stairway to Heaven Lullaby Smoke on the Water Take on Me


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