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Get Ready for Ukulele Fun! Checklist

Get Started Playing Ukulele
Melanie Lawson Kareem
No prior musical experience needed or expected.

Step 1.  If you need to purchase a ukulele check out these recommendations.
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Step 5. 
Read the daily email, 
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Tune a new ukulele often. 

Tune your ukulele 10 minutes before class starts.
Step 3.  Watch the video tutorial "How to Apply Ukulele Colored Dots"  
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Follow the instructions. 
Please allow 15 minutes to complete this.
You must have your dots on before your first class!
Step 4.  Watch the tutorial
"How to Tune a Ukulele
(most common way)"

Follow the instructions.

which arrives around 12:30 pm PST.    

The email contains the lesson plan and
the Zoom link.


There may be song sheets you may want to print.
Step 7.   Make the most of your class time!
1:10 - 1:25pm (Pacific Standard Time)   
  Tune up your ukulele. 

  Arrange your notebook so it stays open. 

  Have a pencil ready.

  Warm-up your hands and fingers. Trim your nails.

  Make sure your lighting & “background” are OK.


1:25 - 1:30pm  

  Click the Zoom link to join.

  If you have trouble joining, please try again. 


  If you still have difficulty call us at

  (three-ten) four-six-three--- zero-two-two-one

  Smile as everyone comes on. (This is recorded!)

  Check that your name is showing.

  Know your “Mute" & “Unmute" buttons.


1:30pm        Our lesson starts.     

2:15pm        Our lesson ends. 

2:15 - 3:05pm   Another class begins.  "Easy Songs, Everybody Loves." You are welcome to observe & play along!  (You can leave whenever you want. No problem!)


Help make the class experience great: From time to time folks forget to “mute.”  It happens to all of us!  When this happens, Melanie will be the one to kindly say: “Please mute yourself.”  That way all "cross-talk” between students is only positive and encouraging.  Thank you.

If you haven’t yet, it's not too late to donate $100 or more to Stockton Virtual Folk Dance Camp 2021! (Click here.)

If you do you'll receive Melanie's gift of four weeks of daily, live, Zoom ukulele lessons.  That’s 28 lessons in a row, a $150 value.

(Lessons must be concluded by October 31, 2021.)


Thank you!

Step 8 (Last Step!